Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is Rex a good name?

I was thinking about a name for him, and I kind of liked Rex. If anyone has something better, please oh please let me know!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Rebels

A "family portrait" of characters from my senior thesis story. Ink wash, watercolor, white ink and charcoal. Enhanced through photoshop.

Forest Monster and Treeless Landscape (colored)

Ink wash, watercolor, white ink and charcoal.
Ink wash, watercolor, white ink and charcoal

Painting Skateboards with Kiddies!

In March I volunteered to paint a skateboard with kids from the Sarasota School of Art and Science. It was a lot of fun, and the fish was the kid's idea. If it were up to me I'm sure this board would be sporting a tree or something, but trees are my weakness, so no big surprise there! I painted with just acrylic.

More Sketchbook

A couple of sketches form my sketchbook. That's all : D

Visual Development Work

Sketches of props and elements from various stories I've worked on this year.

Character, prop, and environment designs for a story about the unfortunate side effects of drinking too much before getting stuck in a crowded pool. This was a really fun story to play with to say the least : D
Storyboards for an animatic showing action and reaction.

Storyboards for an animatic of a character witnessing something.

Environment sketches in graphite and photoshop.

A character design for a raccoon character.